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May 2016 Printable Calendar A4

If you are searching  then you are at the right place. When the Senate desired to name a month after the Emperor Augustus that was then problems to the Julian system started. The month must be as long as the month named for Julius, to avoid slighting the Emperor, and should follow it immediately. And so July and August became 31 days each, an additional day and February surrendered. (To avert 3 successive 31 day months, September was shortened to 30 days, October lengthened to 31, and so forth.)Most Roman Catholic nations of Europe and Scotland adopted the  in 1582 or soon after. This Papal conclusion was nevertheless disregarded by most Protestant nations for another 200 years. In England, they still followed the old  (year ending 24th March) until 1751. Lord Chesterfield's Act of 1751/2 said that the year 1752 would start on 1st January ending on the following 31 December. In this page we are providing you free Templates.Russia, as an example, did not convert to the new calendar until after the Russian Revolution. An interesting consequence of this was that when London sponsored the 1908 Olympic Games, the Russian team arrived 12 days because of it! Turkey was the last important European country to adopt the Gregorian - on 1 st.In England, the "quarter days" (for quarterly events like the Quarter Court sessions) were Lady Day (March 25) when the legal year began, St John the Baptist Day (Midsummer Day, June 24), Michaelmas (September 29) and Christmas (December 25). These were close to solstices and the equinoxes and were regarded as the beginning of the dates of the seasons. In the City of London, when the calenders changed, bankers so would not pay before 5th April, which nevertheless stays the date of the end of the fiscal year, and refused to pay their taxes 11 days early.